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Affordable Teeth Whitening: A Comprehensive Guide to Procedures, Costs, and Subsidies at Figs Dental

Teeth whitening is a widely sought-after dental procedure aimed at achieving a brighter, healthier smile by removing teeth stains. Many individuals opt for teeth whitening in preparation for significant events like job interviews, weddings, or class reunions, as a radiant smile can instil confidence and leave a positive first impression. With numerous options available, it’s crucial to understand that not all whitening treatments follow the same procedure or deliver identical results, and costs can vary accordingly.

For those considering teeth whitening and seeking a budget-friendly approach, this guide provides valuable insights.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Fees and Subsidies

Understanding the costs associated with teeth whitening treatments is essential due to the considerable variability in pricing. At Figs Dental, we provide cost-effective teeth whitening services.

Cost Breakdown at Figs Dental:

  • Take-home teeth whitening kits: Starting from $450.00
  • In-office whitening treatments: Starting from $1200.00
  • Scaling and polishing during a regular dental checkup: $120.00

Refer to the following table for a detailed cost range of various teeth whitening procedures at Figs Dental:

Dental ServiceCost Range
Scaling and Polishing (Includes Topical fluoride application)*$120.00
Air-Polishing (Prophy-Jet)$30.00
Take-home whitening kit (Includes 1 set of customised bleaching trays)$450.00
Take-home whitening kit (Without bleaching trays)$250
In-office whitening treatmentFrom $1200.00

*Additional fees may apply for specific procedures, such as heavily stained teeth or the use of the Prophy-Jet (an air-polishing system).

Subsidies for Teeth Whitening Procedures

Cardholders of CHAS Blue, Merdeka Generation, and Pioneer Generation are eligible for CHAS subsidies for scaling and polishing, with limits of up to twice per calendar year. Refer to the table below for subsidy details:

Dental ServiceCHAS OrangeCHAS BlueMerdeka GenerationPioneer Generation

It’s important to note that CHAS subsidies do not apply to in-office and take-home whitening treatments. Additionally, whitening kits and whitening treatments are not MediSave-claimable.

Comparing Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

To aid in decision-making, a comparison of various whitening treatment options is summarized in the table below:

Scaling & Polishing– Preventive treatment that may help reduce the appearance and build-up of surface stains (e.g., coffee/tea) around and at the back of the teeth – Improves oral health and reduces the risk of gingivitis, gum disease, and dental decay – Recommended twice-yearly procedure– Will not whiten the overall shade of the tooth$120
Take-Home Whitening Kit (Includes 1 set of customised bleaching trays)– Gradual whitening results allow greater control over the desired shade – Can whiten teeth on your own schedule during non-office hours – Lower incidence of tooth sensitivity due to lower concentrations of active ingredients (e.g., hydrogen peroxide)– May be inconvenient to prepare bleaching trays and gels each time – Takes 2-3 weeks to reach the desired shadeFrom $450.00
In-Office Teeth Whitening– Fast results, visible in one hour – More noticeable results – Safe administration by professional dentists– Pay for each visit – Some people may experience tooth sensitivity for 24 hours after treatmentFrom $1200.00

In general, individuals with busy schedules may prefer in-office teeth whitening for faster, more noticeable results achievable in a single visit. Those seeking a gradual change in tooth shade may opt for take-home whitening kits.


As you explore various teeth whitening options, you may have questions or concerns. For personalized advice on teeth whitening, consult our professional dentists at Figs Dental.”

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